It's Something Like That

*normally, this page will only be photograph postings... but i ran across something i had written to explain my connection to photography... and my "gift". so, here it goes...*

i'm in a new place
water flows, birds chirp
old things are new
laughter is therapeutic
it's something like that

i see streams, i hear fun
i have found peace
it's something like that

the wind is blowing
my eyes are clear
i feel joy, i hear nothing
it's something like that

safety is a point of view
love is a requirement
the sun is shining
glistens to everything it graces
a deep breath is taken
it's something like that

God is with me, looking through my lens
for one brief moment, i see what He sees
love what He loves
i respect all that i see
the beauty in this world
i experience every emotion
it's something like that

things were experienced differently today
in a special way, i was able to share
able to show what pleases me and Him
what makes me unique in His eyes
i share because i want to show you what We see
it's something like that

~written circa 2006